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Hi, I'm Mandy!

23. Student. Child at heart. Forever one among the Fence.

I have an adoration for anime, reading, video games, art, bad puns, horror, movies, music, and concerts.

I have a strange and unexplained fascination and appreciation for squids, octopi, and the general tentacled sea population (but nothing creepy, I promise ;D)

GASP. I found the dress I wanted SO desperately earlier but couldn’t afford after realizing it cost too much being shipped from the UK…..AND I FOUND IT ON REGULAR US’ AMAZON WITH NOT HORRENDOUSLY EXPENSIVE SHIPPING!!A

Now the question is…to buy, or not to buy?

  1. ickyeel said: BUY IT ITS SO CUTE
  2. alvinsvents said: PURCHASE IT IT’S SO CUTE
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